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Private Yoga Lessons on Skype (Online)

So that you can finally get calm, balanced, physically & mentally stronger and be the best version of yourself yet. No overwhelm or stiff muscles come out of here alive. Let’s focus on your life and yoga goals at your own time, pace and convenience.

I’m here to help you have it all.

The Leess Overpower
More energy to everything you enjoy
A relaxed, focused, contented mind.
And all the versatility, satisfaction and power you can imagine.
It's hard to prioritize your time. PERIOD, guy.
Find the inspiration to do your own yoga to enjoy the rewards of a healthier body and a calmer mind?

It's been getting really hard for you...

You want to develop physical and emotional stamina when you get out of your over-thinking head, but you don't know where the time of your day is, life is too complicated. Between helping your children with their homework, planning the next family holiday, working your hobby, taking care of stuff around the house, and walking your dogs, where's your passion?

I get it. I’ve been there. 

What if I told you you could
- Feel lighter in your body and eventually get heavier, both on and off your yoga mat, not just when you teach?
- Get in the dream yoga poses and improve your faith in what your body can do?
- Feel more balanced happy and fulfilled in day-to-day life, even though you're staring at the never-ending list?
- Finally get rid of the bad thoughts in your brain, so you're going through your day with more EASE?

Let me finally help you get your YOGA BODY, MIND & Spirit... both on the outside and inside...

Let me be your cheerleader and do some sort of job for you.  

Welcome to a new, innovative and light approach to your better life.

No more settle, no more say "tomorrow," no more fill your cup with everyone except yourself.

My private yoga & lifestyle coaching programs are designed uniquely for you and your needs.

Your goals. Your body. Your mind.

At the end of our time working together you will…

- get stronger, physically, mentally & emotionally
- develop flexibility on and off of the mat
- feel more confident in what your body can do and get over your fears of harder yoga poses
- flow through your day with more ease
- have more energy for what you LOVE
- feel motivated to continue practicing on your own schedule
- be able to meditate consistently to reduce any stress and overwhelm in your life
- Clear your head to get calm, focused and centered
- FINALLY fill up your own cup, too

This experience is perfect for you if you

- Are TIRED of giving yourself excuses and trying the next free yoga plan
- Are finally ready to commit to your life, well being and yoga goals
- Are already a yoga teacher or want to advance your practice
- Are ready to ditch the rollercoaster ride of setting goals and not being able to fulfill them to finally create lasting change in your life

I work especially well with yoga teachers who want to develop more strength and flexiblity in their own practice but have problems staying consistent. I focus a lot on mindset work during our coaching together, because I truly believe that physical and lifestyle changes all begin in the mind.

Packages start at $297
** prices are in USD 
*women & couples only*

Having doubts? I’ve worked with a lot of incredible women over the years. Here’s what they are saying about working with me…

I'm shocked by how much my hips have opened up since I began practicing with Sara. When I entered, I was just worried about my physical well-being. It was like a tidal wave of what feelings I had inside when I began working. Yoga has been a way for my body to let go of what I have inside, be it positive or challenging. I've found the pain is all right. I will breathe through it, and I can come out better.

Since practicing with Sara, I've lost 2 1/2 inches from my waistline, I've had a daily yoga regimen that has eased my anxiety, and I've no longer had food cravings. Most notably, I am much better, and after every workout, my body feels amazing! Yeah, thank you, Sara!

I feel like I've been able to rebuild my life. One-on-one sessions were so important that they encouraged me to be vulnerable and really open up to improvement. I have found that Sara is very honest and capable of tailoring her sessions and suggestions not only to me and my unique ambitions, but also to the way I feel at any given session.

Packages start at $297
** prices are in USD 
*women & couples only*