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Having doubts? I’ve worked with a lot of incredible women over the years. Here’s what they are saying about working with me…

I'm shocked by how much my hips have opened up since I began practicing with Sara. When I entered, I was just worried about my physical well-being. It was like a tidal wave of what feelings I had inside when I began working. Yoga has been a way for my body to let go of what I have inside, be it positive or challenging. I've found the pain is all right. I will breathe through it, and I can come out better.

Since practicing with Sara, I've lost 2 1/2 inches from my waistline, I've had a daily yoga regimen that has eased my anxiety, and I've no longer had food cravings. Most notably, I am much better, and after every workout, my body feels amazing! Yeah, thank you, Sara!

I feel like I've been able to rebuild my life. One-on-one sessions were so important that they encouraged me to be vulnerable and really open up to improvement. I have found that Sara is very honest and capable of tailoring her sessions and suggestions not only to me and my unique ambitions, but also to the way I feel at any given session.

Packages start at $297
** prices are in USD 
*women & couples only*